Debunking a Well-Worn Myth about Women and Weight Training

June 16, 2016

Debunking a Well-Worn Myth about Women and Weight Training

weight training for women - myths debunked

While at the gym today, I overheard a woman mention to her trainer that she wanted to avoid lifting weights because she "didn't want to get big".  So I finished my third set of pull ups and wondered why this myth still persists among women.  I see men in the gym every day trying desperately to bulk up. In most cases, they don't - no matter how hard they work at it.  So is it realistic to think that a woman, with testosterone levels about 15-20 times lower than a man will "bulk up" if she lifts weights?  Not going to happen!

Weight training for women provides an important balance to regular aerobic fitness activities such as running, cycling, or organized fitness classes.  Women can only benefit from regular strength training.  So, stop listening to the myths and try something different!

If you are new to weight training, invest in a personal trainer to teach you a solid routine (but remember your trainer is not your therapist - you are there to train, not talk!). A personal trainer can tailor a routine to your fitness level and goals.  If you want to go at it alone, just Google "weight training routines for women" and you will find more routines than you can complete in a lifetime.

Strong is the new sexy, ladies.  Weight lifting and resistance exercises are critical for building functional strength and a lean, toned shape. And, remember - you will get a cardio workout and burn a ton of calories while lifting, too. 

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