Running and Balance

June 20, 2016

Running and a balanced lifestyle

I love to run.  In fact , at times, I want to run more than anything else. 

I will never give up on something I can’t go a day without thinking about. This doesn’t mean I need to run every day, but if I’m not running I am thinking about my next run and it provides balance in a hectic world.  

Webster’s definition of balance is “a state in which different things occur in equal or proper amounts or have an equal or proper amount of importance”.  I like the next definition even better: “the ability to move or to remain in a position without losing control or falling”.  Physically we want to stay upright and mentally we don’t want to lose our wits.  So I try to control only what is necessary and let the rest go. 

So if you enjoy a variety of activities in your life you are most likely balanced.  Not only with exercise, but with other play as well – whether it is quiet time reading a book, spending time with your family, having a beer (or several) with a buddy, or ordering pizza on a Friday night.  Maintaining balance is more than just planning a variety of runs each week.  I used to think of balance as getting in one tempo run, one leg of speed work, a long slow run, and some shorter runs just to provide enough variety to keep it fresh. However, I stepped back to consider my routine and borderline obsession and decided that balance was more about doing a bit of everything that brings me pleasure in life - and even some things I don’t enjoy as much. 

It's a beautiful Monday evening after a long work day.  I was going to work in a quick 4-mile run, but I decided to have a beer with a friend who surprised me with a call today.

There is plenty of time for a run tomorrow.  Tonight I am balanced.