Entropy E6 Modular Armband for iPhone 7 & iPhone 6S/6 with Cases

The Entropy E6 Running Armband fits the iPhone 7 and iPhone 6S/6 with thick protective cases including the Otterbox Defender case – and who has the patience to remove a case before every workout?

The E6 sport armband features removable armband straps and soft memory foam backing to provide a comfortable, sweat proof and secure fit on any arm and ensures your iPhone will never slip down your arm.  Two interchangeable strap sizes are included so Entropy armbands can be worn directly on the arm or over clothing, making Entropy armbands the perfect armband for all seasons.

The E6 is the perfect kit to carry your iPhone and other small personal items while running, cycling, hiking, weight training, and traveling.

The Entropy E6 fits all protective cases & battery cases up to 152 x 80 x 16 mm.


  • Removable straps provide a custom fit on bare arms or over clothing
  • Soft memory foam backing for a secure, comfortable and sweat-proof fit
  • Edge™ touch screen for full screen visibility and functionality
  • Interior moisture barrier keeps sweat out and your phone dry
  • Locking zippers eliminate annoying rattling during your workout
  • Reflective trim and strap tabs for safe running at night
  • Internal pockets and enough space for cash, cards, keys and ID

TWO strap sizes included:

S/M Bundle:   Includes one Small Strap and One Medium Strap

M/L Bundle:   Includes one Medium Strap and One Large Strap

Strap Size           Arm Size (upper arm circumference)

   Small                          8 - 11 inches (20 - 28 cm)

 Medium                     10 - 14 inches (25 - 36 cm)

  Large                        13 - 18 inches (33 - 46 cm)

Extender                         + 4 inches (10 cm)