Velocity V5 Universal Armband for Smartphones with Cases

Tired of removing your protective case every time you work out?  No problem - the V5 Armband is designed to fit all smartphones with cases up to 143mm x 75mm including thick, ultra-protective cases. 

The V5 Sport Armband features a zippered pocket to keep your phone protected during your workout and soft, flexible and durable materials for long-lasting comfort and performance. The new Edge™ touch screen was designed to extend the protective screen entirely to the edges of the armband to ensure full access to the screens on a wide range of smartphones so you'll always have easy access to your apps and music controls.

The V5 Sport Armband is an essential tool for runners, hikers, bikers, gym rats or anyone who needs hands-free connectivity while on the road, on the trail, or in the gym.

Fits a wide range of top-selling phones including Google Pixel, Essential PH-1, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy 5, Lumia 650, Moto G, iPhone 7, iPhone 6S and MANY more.

Product Features:

  • Edge touch screen design for full visibility and functionality of your smartphone screen
  • Extra space inside for carrying small necessities
  • Interior moisture barrier keeps sweat out and your phone dry
  • Elastic strap for gel pack or earphone cord management
  • Integrated external pocket for a key, credit card, ID, and/or cash
  • Locking zippers eliminate annoying rattling during your workout
  • Reflective piping and strap tab for night safety
  • Strap-Lok™ design prevents armband from falling off when adjusted during activity

Sizing Guide for Sporteer V1 Running Armbands

Will my smartphone (with or without a protective case) fit?

Great question!  Simply measure the length and width of your phone or protective case.  If the dimensions are less than or equal to 143mm x 75mm, your phone will fit.

I have an Otterbox Defender or battery case.  Will it fit?

The V5 features a zippered pocket that will fit any case up to 15mm thick.

My phone or case is larger than 143 x 75 mm.  Is there another option?

Yes!  Check out the Sporteer Velocity V150 Armband, the Sporteer Velocity V160 Armband, or one of our Sports Belts!

My phone or case is smaller than 140 x 75 mm.  Is there another option?

If your phone or case is smaller, it will still fit.  An elastic band inside the zippered pocket will hold it in place and you will have more room to carry other stuff like cash, keys, credit cards, or an ID.


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